Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Excuses, Excuses!!

Moms, do you know the feeling when you get so backed up downloading pictures that you just keep putting off your blog? Well, that has been my state of mind during the past few weeks. So many pictures, so much downloading, so much I clean instead of blog during naptime! And my computer's hard-drive is getting so full that if I download what seems like one more picture I am going to have a whole other time consuming situation on my hand! So I procrastinate. I have finally downloaded and edited so here goes...many blog posts to follow...

Chihuly at Cheekwood

Aaron surprised me and took a few hours off of work to go see the Chihuly exhibit at our botanical gardens on Tuesday. We had so much fun running around, chasing the kids, and eating a picnic lunch...and the blown glass was pretty cool too!

Get comfy, Kel.

Kellen eating pears and multi-grain cheerios... and owning the world.


We had such a great time Halloween. Aaron slaved away on gumbo all day and we invited some friends over for dinner and trick-a-treaters. Our neighborhood had a great party full of a bouncy, canvas painting, hay rides, treats and photography. We had a great time running around, then came home to eat some yummy gumbo and get ready for trick-a-treaters. We didnt go door to door with the boys this year, they dont really get it and the possibility of Paxton getting peanut butter just scares me to next year we will hit the pavement!! But this year they loved handing the candy to the kids!! Oh, P&K if you are reading this some 20 year from were gorillas, and you refused to wear the part of the costume that went around your head!! SO it basically looked like you were running around with a gray and black fat suit!! Love ya!!!!!


On Saturday we met my cousin's wife, Elizabeth and their little girl, Ila, and Elizabeth's mom Maggie in downtown Franklin for PumpkinFest. We had so much fun walking around, enoying the fresh air and cute costumes. And Ila was the cutest ballerina I have EVER seen. Thanks for inviting us and driving up from Huntsville!

Pumpkin Carving & Monster Playdate

We thought the boys would love the gooey insides of a pumpkin. We misjudged that one!!! They were terrified of it, barely would stick their hands in the pumpkin and didnt touch the goo at all!! So funny, oh well, maybe next year. Kellen did look mighty cute sitting on the pumpkin though!

My girlfriend, Scarlett, had a 'Monster Playdate' for our kiddos...she is one brave mommy!! Toddlers took over her house!! Thanks Scarlett, we had a blast!

I'll Scratch Your Back...

...if you scratch mine. Paxton was not down for reciprocating!!