Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Kel-Bug

My babies are 2.5 years old. I literally CANNOT believe it. Thank GOD for this blog to remind me of sweet memories I may have forgotten.  Such fun to go back and look at old posts.  Here are some noteworthy items about this toddler:

Sweet, sweet, and sweet
Will cuddle always, but doesnt like to hold hands
Favorite animal is a horse, also known as horseys around here
Always hugs and tells his bubba sorry when he hits
Everyone is a stranger for the first hour they around
Loves to swim and play in any kind of water
Fully potty trained
Loves to brush his teeth
Prized possession is his blanket, he calls "banket"
Surprises us everyday with new phrases
Favorite color is orange
Can count to 10 and say the letters of the alphabet
Very good at following directions, temper tantrums are less but still around ;-)
Sings twinkle twinkle little star when we are driving in the car, better than radio to this mommy
Every night ends with this, I love you Kellen.  Wuv uu mommy.  I love you more Kel-bug.  Wuv u more mommy. 
He just melts my heart. 

My Pac Man

We cant forget this little guy is 2.5 today too!  I was going to post many pictures of them both, but after seeing this shot of Pax no other could compare.  This picture sums this kid up:
Hilarious and very mischevious
Cute as button and knows it
Loves to cuddle and hold hands with mommy
Lover and hoarder of all trains
Loves to laugh, rarely crys
Crinkles his nose when he gets tickled at something
Favorite animal is a horsey....neigh, neigh
Stubborn like his mommy
Not crazy about swimming, but will do it with little tears
Likes to sit in mommys lap to eat breakfast, he says momma sit, momma sit
Gives spotaneous hugs, doesnt like to give kisses but sure likes to get them ;-)
Thinks anything can be a sword
Wildly independent
Whispers wuv u to me every night
He just makes me smile...and also laugh really hard!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fort Nash

We had a rainy day, so we built a fort.  The boys loved it! We will definitely have to do this again!!  The best part was that they played really well together in it, no fighting!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ho-Ho-Ho in June

Pax dipped his chin in the bubbles and started saying HO HO HO!!! It quickly clicked that he thought he was making himself look like Santa. And Kellen laughed so hard he could barely sit up!!! As did I!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Choo's a Potty Train!!

I lost my mind yesterday and decided to potty train Paxton today!! So today is Day 1.  Interestingly enough, it has been very different than Kellen's day 1.  Paxton can hold it longer, but when he lets go there is no stopping.  So we had lots of very large accidents today.  But in the last two hours he has done a great job.  Hopefully something is clicking.  Kellen's day 2 was worse than day 1, I am hoping that wont be the same for Paxton.  But we shall see, wish me luck!!!
Two cute little butts decked out in Thomas the Train!!

Me and my boys at the end of the week I potty trained Kellen, I was as tired as I look!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tucker Family Reunion 2011

My maternal grandfather's family, the Tucker's, got together in Alabama for a family reunion at the end of May.  We had such a blast heading out to the country and doing what you do in the country...swing on old 18-wheeler tires, play in a General Store built just for the grandchildren (this thing was amazing), pet and feed horses, fish, drink juice and of course wear Roll Tide hats!!  We hope we get together again!!
This is the General Store that my mom's cousin Don built for his grandkids to play in, I wanted to bring it home!!
Inside the General Store...amazing, right??!!

I guess my family now thinks the boys will go to Alabama and not Tennessee...we will see!!!
Laughing so hard he fell over!!
Riding out to the horses, this land was beautiful.
This is Lady, she was literally like petting a dog.  All three of the their horses were so sweet.
The infamous...I famous Uncle Larry! This is my uncle and he is something else, and ofcourse, the boys adore him!

Potty Training

Kellen waking up dry asking to go potty from his crib was a prouder moment for me than walking across the stage to receive a diploma for my MBA!!!!  And I am not kidding.  Today has gone amazing! I wanted to venture out for some short errands but the little guy didnt poop as early as he normally does and I didnt want to push it.  We have our ISR swim lesson this afternoon and I think we will call it a day.  Tomorrow we will go to our art class, fingers crossed we have no little guy is pretty particular!!!

He has asked to go potty today, and has gone each time.  This morning he asked to go potty while I had Pax on the changing table.  So I cleaned Pax up, ran to sit him on the toilet, ran back to Pax to put his diaper on and the next thing I heard was "bye-bye pee-pee" and the toilet flushing!!! These sounds really shouldnt be so precious, but they are!!!!!  He had an accident while he was eating lunch, but that is okay by me!!  After all, with each accident, as Lora Jensen points out, there is a learning opportunity for them, reinforcing keeping undies dry and going in the potty.  For the past three days I have exhausted myself saying, Kellen, tell mommy when you need to go potty (as dictated by the 3 day method).  You are suppose to say this hundreds of times a day.  I know if he could say the words "shut-up mom (I am imagining a teenager voice)" he would have, we were both over it!!!!  But I think we have made it with a big, fat MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. 

Now I have my eyes set on Paxton.  I will start him week after next...mommy needs a break!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 2 & Day far:-)

So yesterday almost got the best of me.  I had really high hopes because day 1 went so well.  Kellen definitely fell in the category of kiddos who put up a fight on day 2 trying to get their diapers back.  He had accidents ALL day.  I think he might have gone in the potty twice.  He was telling me he needed to go but wanted nothing to do with the potty.  With only three hours of sleep the night before I was really at my limit.  Luckily nap time came just in time for me to sit down and re-read Lora Jensen's 3 Day Potty Training (, I was able to regroup, see what I was doing wrong and start fresh after naps.  The accidents kept coming but at least I was able to read what to do and realize I wasnt the only mom with a stubborn kid:-)

I knew last night I couldnt survive on 3 hours of sleep today, so we broke Jensen's rules a bit.  After he had gone to sleep in his undies we snuck in and put a diaper on him.  I figured he wouldnt know, but if something did happen at least I wasnt changing sheets at 4 in the morning.  It worked!!!  He woke up at 7, not realizing he had a diaper on yelling potty.  I rushed in, scooped him up and headed to the potty.  I jerked the diaper off so quick I am not sure he even realized he had one on!! There were a few dribbles in the diaper, but in my book he was all dry! He peed right off the bat and we started our morning.  He also was showing signs, without asking for the potty, that he needed to poop so I took him to the potty and he did all his business! YAY!! So it is 9:07 and we have had no accidents.  I hope it is starting to click!! We shall see!!

And Mary are my hero...I dont think I could have done both at once!!!! ;-)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Potty Training!

Hi Everyone! My computer crashed last week so I wasnt able to update the ole blog.  Today I am in Day 2 of potty training far so good.  More about the method I am using during naps today.  Yesterday (day 1) Kellen had 3 accidents in the morning and then did great...pooping and peeing in the big boy potty.  He took a nap and then had 2 more accidents, I should of taken him directly to the potty when he woke up.  Last night, he wet the bed once around 3:45 and then asked to go potty around 5a.m. and did pee.  This morning he went pee-pee, had a small accident a few minutes ago but finished in the potty. So fingers crossed we are getting somewhere. 

And for those who may be wondering, Paxton just isnt ready to be potty trained or I would have done them together. 

Wish me luck, these are long days!!!!