Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween was a very big deal this year, the boys are still talking about it.  And so I will never forget, they are doing the cutest thing where they pretend trick or treat with each other.  One will stand on one side of the door, the other will knock, the door is opened and knocker says TRICK OR TREAT, and then they pretend hand each other candy, take a bite, and say yum, thank you bubba.  It is the cutest thing ever!!!  Ok, so here our pictures...the two cutest giraffes ever!!!
Carving pumpkins with daddy and Aunt ShaSha, we had yummy gumbo for dinner!
Mommy's pumpkin...not bad, right??!
Daddy's pumpkin...I think Aaron and I have started a bit of a competition this year!
Me and my giraffes!!!  They are so big!!