Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tampa Trip Day 1&2

The first day in Tampa we rested in the morning and then drove to the BEST outlet mall I have ever experienced in Ellington. Needless to say, the boys have a headstart on their fall wardrobe. And so does mommy and daddy!! The second day we went to the beach in Clearwater. The boys loved the sand! I was so thankful, I have really heard some horror stories about kiddos and sand. They were so serious about digging in the sand and filling their buckets...all business in building a sand empire!!

Kel was fascintated with the seagulls. He chased them for an hour screaming doggie. There were two girls beside us that fell in love with P&K so they started feeding the birds so they would come close. The boys were happy, those around us...not so much!
After our time at the beach we headed over to Crabby Bills for lunch. While P-man was wide awake...
Kellen was down for the count! He was so cozy in the BOB.
But he woke just in time for his first Oreo, which was a total hit!!
Long live the OREO!!
After lunch we walked over to Pier 60 where they have the greatest playground, all in the shade and sand at our feet.
Here I come!!
After playing we headed back to Tampa, the boys were asleep before we were out of the parking spot. Such a fun day. Tuesday, day 3 of our trip, we headed to the Tampa zoo...more on that tomorrow.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mmmm Mmmm Good!!!

I have to show you guys (all four of my blog readers:-) ) my favorite picture from our trip. Ummmm, I am totally obsessed with these two happy souls. Aren't they just yummy?!

Our Tampa Trip

We are back from our trip to visit Papaw (my dad) in Tampa, FL. We had an absolute blast, and are now totally exhausted. I am working through 532 pictures which I will start posting tomorrow, for now I will leave you with some cliffhangers from our week!

1. Our sweet Kellen gets car sick. Yep, puked going down to Tampa and on the way back...within the first two hours of a 10 hour trip. Their milk looked like feta cheese coming up...all you moms out there know how great THAT smell is.

2. Our boys love the beach and sand! Whohoooo! And Kellen loves to chase 'doggies', also known as seagulls.

3. A girafe sneezed on my neck...need I say more.

4. A peguin almost bit Kellen.

5. Aaron and I left the kids with Papaw and Trish and headed to Universal Studios in Orlando. And yes, we rode the new Harry Potter ride!! It was nice to be a kid for a day, without picking up after two kids!

Ok, so back to picture editing. I'll be back with photos, except for the feta cheese...I'll spare you from that nightmare!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jail Break!

I think our little Pac man passed out last night in mid escape!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Peek A Boo Playtown & Balloons

A new playtown for toddlers had a grand opening on Saturday, the cherry on top is Peek A Boo Playtown is minutes from our house! After the boys' first meeting with Aaron's Aunt Karen and playing with some new toys (thank you very much Aunt Karen :-) ) we headed over to Peek A Boo. The boys had a blast, we will definitely be going back soon! They each received a balloon on the way out, which quickly became a prize possession!

Thank you for the lawn mowers, Aunt Karen! And she even bought two of each toy she gave the boys...which I think is a twin's dream come true...NO SHARING!!! Paxton quickly began mowing the entry way rug!!

Kellen wants to be a fireman when he grows up!

Climbing in the 'toddler only area' of Peek A Boo
Boys loved the trains. Aaron said one of these are in our future!
Grocery shopping just like mommy!
Kellen's favorite past time...EATING...even if the veggies are plastic!
I have taught him so well, such a proud mommy! ;-)
I love you, doggie.
Look mom, I have both balloons!
Silly baby!

Such a great weekend! We head out for our vacation to Tampa on Saturday, many more adventures to come!!

Bicentennial Mall

We had a blast this weekend, and in total I took 299 pictures! I am going to start with our outing today. We went to the Bicentennial Mall in downtown Nashville. The Bicentennail Mall is a park detailing the history of Tennessee and sits at the foot of our State Capitol. A beautiful, huge space that the boys ran all over! Enjoy!
A shot of the park and the State Capitol in the background.

Free to RUN!!

At what age can you get both twins to look at the camera at the same time? Just wondering!

Watching the train
Paxton after running like a wild man!
Kellen posing like a little handsome man!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

18 Month Well Baby Checkup

I just love well baby checkups!! So much more pleasent to see Dr. Collins when we are well and happy versus an allergic reaction to peanut butter! Fellas looked great, and grew A LOT over the last 3 months. We talked alot about discipline so we have some new techniques to try in the Nash house!!! Here are our current stats:

Kellen: Weight 26.2 (54.29)
Height 33.5 (83.23)
Head Cir: 18.74 (45.01)

Paxton: Weight 25.5 (42.7%)
Height 33 (71.93)
Head Cir: 18.62 (35.98)

So I guess the only big news of the day is Kellen is bigger than Paxton! This was the first time!