Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Name the Grandma...

So, we have decided to go with Tiffany's suggestion of GRAMMY!! Thanks ladies, we loved Nonny too! Now, I am sure the boys will change it as I refused to call my grandmother her requested name...BUT for now, Grammy is the name! Thanks Tiffany!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Unsung Hero

This week was a big week for my hubby, his first Father's Day, our wedding anniversary, and his 30th bday today (and yes I am older, but only by one month and 15 days;-)). Each day I have taken the time to think about how fortunate I am and our boys are to call him hubby/daddy. I have thought about this post, what I would say, how I would say it...how I could wrap up in short measure all the acts of love he grants our family. It's impossible, but I'll try!! My husband is selfless, caring, considerate, a tad shy, loyal, the best best friend anyone can have, a secret keeper, and the most peaceful spirit I have ever been around. For all those reasons and many more I and the boys celebrate our unsung hero this week, listing all the reasons why I love him, had children with him, and pray for a long life ending in rocking chairs with him. And because I was feeling nostalgic this morning, I have included a video I made for our rehearsal dinner.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Name that Grandma!

Ok, so two points will go to the person that can name this grandma!! She can't decide what 'grandma' name she wants...but something young and fun. Please leave any ideas, and her name is Lynn. Any ideas would be appreciated!

The Bugs Swim!

The boys got in the water yesterday...and they LOVED it!!! Kellen was a complete fan of the water, he laughed the whole time. It was adorable and I am so glad we dont have weeny babies! Here are some of the pics, Lynn took so many I didnt know which to choose!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Just stinkin' cute!

Aaron's mother saved Shannon's bear from when she had ALL of her surgeries twenty plus years ago. She pulled it out last weekend and Pax fell in love!! Here is my cutie! And I will not feel guilty for posting a cute pic of Paxton while not posting one of Kellen...or I'll try not to anyway!! ;-)

New Addition to the Baby Rat Pack!!!

Yesterday we finally got to meet little Ethan Anderson! OMG, he is so cute. It is hard to believe the boys were ever that small...and even smaller. Here are some pics from our big day!

Ok, so on the way home I started getting really sentimental! Watching my friend with her sweet little one, I was really envious. Envious that she had only one set of sweet eyes to look into, envious that all of her attention can be given to one, and sad that I may miss something one is doing because I am looking at the other. This time goes by so fast and I just dont want to miss one second. So, I started thinking "where is this all coming from?" And I think I am carrying some guilt around, maybe not unique to twin moms. I am constantly trying to spend equal time with both, go back and forth between who I pick up first, switching who has a bath first, who gets their bottle first, who gets put in the car first...I know, this is crazy! But I just dont want one twin to feel like he is more loved than the other...and it is really weighing me down. Last night, after they were asleep, I wanted to hold one of them...I stood at the cribs already feeling guilt over having to make a choice between the two. I finally chose Paxton because he isnt easily awoken, and my little Kel man, once he is up he is up!! So I sat rocking Paxton, feeling guilty Kellen wasnt getting special attention too. Oh man, guess I need to read a book or two on raising twins!

But even with all of these feelings, I am so grateful and forever thankful to have them in our lives. To be given less than a 1% chance of having a child, to then being handed two angels...I will never complain. But I did need to vent, so thanks for reading...Im sure tomorrow I will be back to sharing pictures of twins sucking toes!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Catching Up...

The Nash house has been full of busy bees, we are having so much fun with the kiddos this summer! The bugs seem chubbier and longer everyday...they are both drinking 40 ounces a day! We have continued adding solids. Aaron and I took the boys to the farmers market this weekend, such a fun atmosphere, and I loaded up with veggies from a local organic farmer. So far, I have really enjoyed making their baby food! The boys are 22 weeks today...gosh, I hope their entire childhood doesnt go by as fast as these first five months!!

Also, the boys have a new best friend...Ethan Anderson was born last Tuesday, weighing just over a whopping 9 pounds. Hopefully, the boys will get to meet this weekend!! I cant wait to get my hands on the little guy!!!!

And thank you for the continued prayers for baby Cain Clinkscales, seems from mom's updates Cain is starting to make some slow progress. We love you Cain!!!! And I CANNOT wait until you and your mom are back to walk with us...walks are so boring without you!!!

So, here are some random pics from the last few weeks. I have to setup the first picture. I had the bugs laying on the 'bought before we had children white couch' and I was straightening my hair (a luxury these days), and all I heard was silence. Uncomfortable silence, so I went running into the living room. This is what I found. Aaron took one look and said, "I dont know which is worse, that Pax is sucking Kel's toes or that Kel looks like he likes it!!!!!!!!!" OMG, I laughed forever!!!!!! Twins are something else!!!!!!!!

My Brown Eyed Babe...

My Blue Eyed Babe...

My new Williams Sonoma baby food maker from my MIL...LOVE IT!

The best daddy in the world!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Please Pray for Baby Cain...

Catherine and Brad Clinkscales four month old baby boy is having a five hour open heart surgery today. Please pray for baby Cain and his parents. The Clinkscales are our neighbors and now friends. We love you baby Cain! To read their story click here http://clinkscalesfamily.blogspot.com