Thursday, July 30, 2009

This Week in Pictures...

Brotherly Love

Just the two of us...

Diapers make good pillows!!

And for the grand finale...
Paxton now has two teeth...

Which led me to finding this two mornings ago. Care to take a guess what crime had been committed??!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


The Nash house has been on-the-go and extremely busy, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Here is some 'ketchup' over the last several weeks!!

The last week in June we had fun-filled weekend with my dad's side of the family in Canton, GA. My cousin, Laura, has a little girl about six weeks old (beautiful) and Walker (such a cutie) that is 4. I wanted to meet baby Carrington and she wanted to meet the boys so we hopped in the car and were on our way. That Saturday we had a blast with my aunt, my two cousins and their hubby and boyfriend, my dad, Trish, my grandmother, and all of the kids!
Kellen with his great grandmother, GrannySue.

Kellen minding his own business!

And Paxton crawling backwards under all of the furniture...not minding his business!

We had our six month checkup and got shots!

We tried to hold our own bottles!!

My best friend, Stephanie, and her boyfriend, Matt, came to visit from Boston over the 4th. We had a blast watching the Brentwood Country Club fireworks from my in-laws backyard, grilling out and enjoying some cocktails! The boys and their little buddy Ethan slept through the fireworks show. Scarlett (Ethan's mommy) and I are still scratching our heads over that one!!! The bugs' Aunt Shannon bought them floats for the pool, so cute! One is a craw fish, the other a turtle. They do really well in them. Unfortunately, my camera died and I am patiently waiting for Stephanie to send me the pictures she took with her camera. She has leveled my expectations on that happening anytime soon. But here are two from Aunt Shannon.

The boys had an intimate coversation!

And started wearing big boy clothes!

This past Thursday Aaron's grandmother and aunt came to visit from Atlanta. We loved seeing them, and Great Aunt Jenny is an awesome chef...yum yum!!! Also, this past Sunday we had the boys christened. And they behaved, no tears!!! The only glitch in the whole service was...I stood up with Paxton and while walking to the front of the sanctuary I heard pop, pop, pop. When I got to the front I realized Pax's snaps on the bottom of his outfit had come undone and the whole church was now looking at his wet diaper!!!! I couldn't get them snapped back while standing, so it stayed that way! Anyone that knows these kids is not surprised that Pax was the one with his diaper hanging out!! My dad, Papaw, in a last minute decision decided to drive up from Florida for the christening...a seven hour drive. He and Trish got here late Saturday and left directly from the service on Sunday. They left so quick I didn't even get a picture with him but thanks for coming! The boys are exhausted from the last five days of excitement, and their mom is pretty tired too! Here are some pictures from the weekend.
Kellen worn out from a day at church

Great Aunt Jenny and the boys

The boys and their great grandmother, Mamaw.

Shannon and me, we matched!

And us, with Aaron's parents and sister

What a couple of weeks!! And we still have the boys' Nana coming in the next couple of weeks. Something tells me our guest room will always be full!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dear Paxton and Kellen,

Last week the pair of you turned six months old. I cannot believe a half of year has already come and gone. You two have brought so much joy and laughter to your mommy and daddy. You continue to be very different babies, with unique personalities. We could not be more thrilled over those differences and what makes you, you!

Kellen- I call you my sweet baby, baby. You are truly a baby, and enjoy being one! You can be fussy, but when you smile my heart skips a beat. When you laugh out loud the world stops to listen. It is truly the sweetest noise. Nothing makes you laugh more than a game of peekaboo! And you love to eat solids, it does not matter what I give you, you LOVE it! Most of the time you squeal while Im giving your brother a bite because you are ready for another! You have just started rolling from your back to stomach, and vice versa. You love to play with your paci, sticking it in and out of your mouth. You are a cuddle baby, and I hope you stay that way forever!!

Paxton- I call you my sweet toddler baby! I am not sure you know how old you are, as you are always trying to do physical activities that are months ahead of your age. But regardless, you are weeks maybe days away from crawling. We love watching you rock back and forth, and you can hold a plank position like you have been doing yoga for years! You laugh at almost anything, and you smile with your eyes...which melts most hearts. You have been sleeping on your stomach for months and coo louder than you cry. Your favorite song is, "If your happy and you know it, clap your hands." And you my sweetheart are happy, and I hope you stay that way forever!

Fellas, my favorite thing to do these days is sneak into your room late at night when you are in a deep sleep. I take turns between the two of you, but I pick one up and cuddle with you in the rocking chair. You are like little rag dolls, I move you around and you never wake up. I stare at your loving faces dreaming of the men you will become, what you will contribute to this world, all while resisting the notion that you will ever grow up and leave us. Six months is gone, but a lifetime is ahead of us. We love you so much and could not be more happy that Paxton and Kellen are our little bugs.

Love- Mommy

Kellen: 26.5 inches long, 16lbs14ozs
Paxton: 27 inches long, 18lbs1oz