Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Part One

We have been loving ourselves some pumpkin patches!!! The boys are obsessed with them. The first thing they ask for when they wake up from nap is "punkin patch momma, punkin patch." I love when they say pumpkin patch, it just sounds so cute!! So here are some of our punkin patch memories this year. 
All four of us looking at the camera....SUCCESS!!

Pax fell and was covered in these little sticky things.  It was so funny, look how serious he is...he didnt move while Aaron picked them off!!!

My Dragons

The boys went to a birthday party last night for Emmaline, and came home roaring dragons!! They put on quite the show last night for the camera!! The best part was after Kellen got his face painted he ran up to Paxton, who had just had his done, and they roared at each other for five minutes. SO FUNNY!! Those moments are priceless!!!