Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dear Paxton and Kellen,

Last week the pair of you turned six months old. I cannot believe a half of year has already come and gone. You two have brought so much joy and laughter to your mommy and daddy. You continue to be very different babies, with unique personalities. We could not be more thrilled over those differences and what makes you, you!

Kellen- I call you my sweet baby, baby. You are truly a baby, and enjoy being one! You can be fussy, but when you smile my heart skips a beat. When you laugh out loud the world stops to listen. It is truly the sweetest noise. Nothing makes you laugh more than a game of peekaboo! And you love to eat solids, it does not matter what I give you, you LOVE it! Most of the time you squeal while Im giving your brother a bite because you are ready for another! You have just started rolling from your back to stomach, and vice versa. You love to play with your paci, sticking it in and out of your mouth. You are a cuddle baby, and I hope you stay that way forever!!

Paxton- I call you my sweet toddler baby! I am not sure you know how old you are, as you are always trying to do physical activities that are months ahead of your age. But regardless, you are weeks maybe days away from crawling. We love watching you rock back and forth, and you can hold a plank position like you have been doing yoga for years! You laugh at almost anything, and you smile with your eyes...which melts most hearts. You have been sleeping on your stomach for months and coo louder than you cry. Your favorite song is, "If your happy and you know it, clap your hands." And you my sweetheart are happy, and I hope you stay that way forever!

Fellas, my favorite thing to do these days is sneak into your room late at night when you are in a deep sleep. I take turns between the two of you, but I pick one up and cuddle with you in the rocking chair. You are like little rag dolls, I move you around and you never wake up. I stare at your loving faces dreaming of the men you will become, what you will contribute to this world, all while resisting the notion that you will ever grow up and leave us. Six months is gone, but a lifetime is ahead of us. We love you so much and could not be more happy that Paxton and Kellen are our little bugs.

Love- Mommy

Kellen: 26.5 inches long, 16lbs14ozs
Paxton: 27 inches long, 18lbs1oz


Machelle said...

Ok so I started to tear up when I read this; yeah I am still that emotional person! lol. Too cute!! Gosh, 6 months already?! Enjoy each day (as I know you do).

The Campbells said...

That is so sweet!! I cannot believe your boys are 6 mos already. It seems like yesterday that you were seeking advice for your newborn boys! We have one more reason to enjoy our multiple children being only child ourselves! Congrats on 6 mos!

Holtan-Bates family said...

How did I miss this sweet post? It brings me back to when mine were 6 months and I seriously wanted to cry! Those boys have an AMAZING mommy! Still hard to believe they are 6 months. . . .how does it happen so fast?