Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm ready for SPRING...but for now SNOW.

Nashville is getting slammed with a slow moving snow storm. 6-10 inches and 1/2 inch of ice before it ends tomorrow. Ugh. Tooks some pics outside today, can anyone spot Simon?!!!!!!!!


Machelle said...

Love the picture! Funny story, when I lived in GA we had a bichon named Puff and it snowed really bad and got about 7 inches I think? Anyways, we lost her in the snow. We could not find her. She was still a puppy. The only way we found her was the black of her nose. I LOVE bichons. But you know that *grin*

The Campbells said...

I like this photo, like a little show bunny. Are you enjoying your camera? I am trying to figure out what other people's tricks are to make my photos look more professional!