Friday, February 5, 2010

Moms, can you relate?

You spend hundreds of dollars on toys just to have your kiddos snub them to play on your furniture? And there used to be cute candleholders in this space...BROKEN! And do you see those fingerprints on the window behind them...I IGNORE them!!

But they are so pround when they climb through, you continue to allow it...even when you know you shouldnt.

OR, when the outside of your house looks like this and you cant go outside... resort to playing dress up EVEN if you are dressing your boys up in your accessories!!!

OR, when your kiddos get so dirty at dinner you just swipe the shirt off and dont bother replacing!!

I know I am not alone on this!!!


Machelle said...

I make mine eat naked at dinner most of the time because that is their messy meal for some reason. And yes, all my "nick nacks" have been put up for a long time now. I miss them!! My house will never be the same.

The Campbells said...

Cute pics! While you got the snow, we have the rain everyday and that is our dilemma. We can't go outside, either, so the kids get creative in the way they play inside (or I have to be) - good or bad...

Scarlett said...

stir crazy is the word mom street.....whew! come on spring!!!