Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Long time, No Post!

If I were to recap the last three weeks in a blog post it would be titled, "Surviving Winter"!!  Good grief, I am SOOO over this weather.  As I type this we have more snow set to begin in a hour or so.  I live in the South for a reason...I want mild winters!!!!!!!!!  To survive until March :-) I signed the boys up for a class at our zoo called ZooTwos.  Last week was our first week, the theme was eyes and we touched a Screech Owl and looked at a Tarantula.  The theme this week was ears and we touched a Chinchilla and a large bunny rabbit.  We also do crafts, fill out our own handbooks with the animals we learned about, and have a snack with storytime.  Great fun!    
Paxton would not put the giraffe down. 
Kellen sat down next to this bird and started talking to cute!!
Kellen and the Chinchilla...and may I draw your attention to his one finger touching the animal, such good listening!!!

Paxton with the rabbit...with four fingers touching...not surprisingly ;-)!!

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Scarlett said...

zoo class looks amazing! I will def have to get ethan signed up:)