Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Heartbreaking Day

This picture is of my Uncle Larry, me and my baby girl when she was 11 days old.  On June 11 he was diagnosed with cancer and roughly 8 weeks later he is now an angel in heaven.  My uncle was the life of every party, the best story teller you ever met, a die hard Alabama football fan, a decorated Vietnam vet, a lover of all 3 of my kids, a huge fan of mine and he was simply one of my most favorite people on this planet.  The loss of his presence will be felt at every family gathering, every discussion about politics or really anything...he always knew something about everything.  He never met a stranger and anyone around him felt like they knew him a lifetime.

Three weekends ago he told my mom he wanted me to come see him.  So Aaron and I packed up the kids and headed to Alabama.  I knew he wanted to say goodbye to me, on his terms.  I wont ever forget his smile and the jokes he made that day, I still laugh thinking about him getting up to go to the bathroom and saying, "Well this could take 5 minutes or 5 hours...stay tuned."  After the restroom he wanted to lie down in his bed and Aaron and I went into his room.  He had my Aunt Judy bring in scrapbooks and I was shocked that many of the pages included me, he had even saved my senior picture.  He wanted me to know I meant something to him, and we walked down memory lane.  We got ready to say goodbye and hugged and I kissed him at least ten times.  He grabbed one of my hands and held it in both of his and we locked eyes.  His chin quivered as his eyes filled with tears and neither of us had to speak a word, we knew what each were thinking.  Those few seconds will be forever ingrained in my memory.  Aaron hugged him and he told Aaron that he had gotten a good one with me.  Oh man, I miss him so much already.

He bravely donated his body to science and I will move forward believing he will help someone else battling this awful disease.  I HATE cancer.  Cancer may rob our loved ones, but for 33 years my Uncle Larry was a larger than life, beautiful, animated character in my life and that can never be taken away.

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I shouldn't even have to say but, well, you know I am CRYING. I'm so sorry for this loss in your family. I only got to hang with Uncle Larry for a couple of hours two years ago but for both Will and I it still feels like just yesterday. He was a super cool guy. You are the least mushy person in the world and you know I am the huggiest and the mushiest so know that I am loving you, thinking of you, crying for you, praying for you and here if you need absolutely anything. Stay strong and know that he is pain free in the high heavens kicking it with all of UofA's past legends!!! xoxoxo