Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Every year on 9.11 I take pause to remember where I was, what I was doing, the phone calls I made, the tears I cried.  Those moments feel so long ago but pieces feel like yesterday.  I was starting a graduate program I wouldn't finish, I was at orientation for a job at a local gym, I cried with my best friend and an ex boyfriend came back in the picture.  All of those things are a faded memory, except the best friend is the same :-).  Instead I have a husband I met years later, an MBA instead of a MPA and three amazing, beautiful children.  The world kept moving but I try to take pause and pray for the families that still grieve, the children that lost their parents, and the men and women in uniform that fight for our country every day.

My boys ran around and played with U.S. flags today, and I saw hope in their sweet, innocent faces.  Hope that tomorrow can be better and this awful tragedy will HOPEfully never happen again.  

On this 9.11 my sweet cheeks turns 11 weeks

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