Saturday, January 5, 2013

Birthday Party!

The boys had such a fun birthday party today! It was at the Adventure Science Center and was rocket themed.  16 of their best buddies showed up, and they had a BALL!!  I didn't know quite what to expect but we all had a blast! Boys and baby are asleep and mommy and daddy are enjoying the quiet after a very active day!  Ill let the pics fill in the details. 
Birthday Chairs!!

All of our buddies!

Learning about space and rockets

Cutie pie Brielle!

Kellen learning how astronauts sleep in space!

Cain learning how astronauts go to the bathroom in space!!!

Pax then had to get in on the action!!!

The kids made rockets and then blew them into the air!

Rocket cupcakes!

Callie enjoyed her cupcake!

Baby girl slept through the whole thing!

Pax LOVES the rockets!!

My only pic with either boy the whole day!

All the boys playing with air machine keeping balls in the air

Kellen and Britton

Kellen and Brogan

Paxton about to open presents
Kellen about to open his presents
And the day ends with Paxton wrapping his arm around Kellen, what more could a mommy ask for. 
 So that's it folks, that wraps up our 2012, we survived Christmas, and a birthday 5 days after Christmas!!

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