Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy 1 Month B-Day little bugs!

Dear Paxton and Kellen-
Today the two of you have been on this earth for one whole month! Wow, what a month. It has been so much fun for mommy and daddy to watch you eat, sleep, and poop your way through these first weeks. And fellas, those three activities have taken up the majority of your time. The two of you are very different, and we cant wait to watch those little personalities blossum.

Paxton- You are older by one minute, and weigh over a pound more than your little brother. Lucky for you, Kellen took on the projectile vomitting and you didnt! After you eat you smack your lips, you always sneeze twice and the second one always sounds different (and is the cutest noise in the world), you grunt like an 80 year old man, you rolled over for the first time at two weeks, and your nicknames are neverending...Pax, Pac, PacMan, Pac Daddy. But ofcourse, your my little bug.

Kellen- We got to see early, at three weeks and a day to be exact, that size does not determine strength. You laid perfectly still during your ultrasound, the sonographer could not believe how good you were. The nurses and doctors had to poke you seven times before they could find a vein to run an IV, you cried...but laid still until they were done. Mommy and daddy took turns rocking you for six hours in recovery after your surgery. You quietly whimpered in pain, but never cried. You love to curl up on my chest and sleep. Your nickname is Kel Bug, and you will always be my little bug.

Funniest Moment: Kellen when you were in the hospital Paxton came to visit you the day after your surgery. We laid Paxton in the crib with you, and I quickly smelled Pax's dirty diaper. I realized I needed wipes, and there were none in our hospital room. While trying to find a substitute, you began to pee...pee all over Kellen's hospital crib, pee all over Kellen, pee all over your self, and everyone standing in a foot radius of you!! It went everywhere!!!! We thought a reunion between you two would make Kellen feel better, instead Kellen needed a bath when you left!!

For nearly 38 weeks I couldnt wait to meet the pair of you, and my sweethearts, you have not disappointed. I am so proud to be your mommy and love you to pieces.

XOXO- Mommy


Machelle said...

TOO CUTE! Gosh are they already a month?! Mine are hitting 6 months on the 5th. Hard to believe isnt it? Where does time go? Oh wait, I know, diapers for 2, feeding two, playing with two, you trying to catch up on sleep, etc etc! hehe. Cutie pies!

Anonymous said...

Happy 1 Month Birthday our precious, beautiful grandbabies! We love you so much!