Friday, January 23, 2009

Kellen Has Surgery :-(

As many of you know, Kellen underwent surgery Wednesday night around 11 pm for Pyloric Stenosis. He had been vomitting his food (almost since birth), and the vomitting got worse projectiling sometimes two feet in distance. Aaron and I took him and Paxton to their new Nashville peditrician on Wednesday. We discussed Kellen's vomitting, and to be cautious the doctor sent us to Vanderbilt Children's for an abdominal ultrasound. Mainly to assure that Kellen didnt have pyloric stenosis. We had the ultrasound, and within an hour and half we were told Kellen would be having surgery that night. I cannot explain the shock Aaron and I felt, it was certainly the last thing we expected. We had no idea what this condition was or what the surgery entailed.

Fortunately we were at one of the best children's hospitals in the country and this surgery is very common there. The procedure lasted about an hour, we spent two nights in the hospital. Kellen just needed to keep two feedings of all formula down and we could go home. He was successful on Friday, and we are now resting at home.

Thank you to everyone for the calls, texts, and prayers. As my dad told me, we have officially been inducted into the 'Parents Club of the World'...and we feel it!! Kellen and Paxton are very happy to be reunited, they are now sleeping together and all is right in the world again!!


Garrett Family said...

My daughter had this also - it is more common in boys so it took them a while to figure out what was going on. Luckily or Dr had delt with it before and that helped a lot. We did not have to have the surgery - we did the medicine first and she out grew it after a few months. But we were in the hospital a lot with it all and I know how scary that all is. So glad to hear things are all fixed up. My Dr had a Uncle die from it before they realized what was happening. Thank goodness for the technology of today!!

Machelle said...

Gosh! I am glad everything is ok and going well for the boys now! My prayers are with you!!

Its A Corny Life... said...

Poor little man! I am so glad he is home resting now and doing all better. The hospital is a very scary place, I know this all too well. I just want to go to sleep and wake up sometime in mid-February. No such luck I guess. Sorry you had to go through this. Our prayers are with you.

Holtan-Bates family said...

What a scary thing to go thru. I am so glad all is well now and the boys are together again. Hopefully your last trip for a very, very long time! Your family is in our thoughts and prayers!