Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Outfits...and Shoes!!!

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. The bugs got all dressed up and wore shoes for the first time!! Paxton's shoes lasted about five minutes, Kellen wore his for an hour!!!


The Campbells said...

Oh, my gosh Courtney, they are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Omgah... Hi-larious! They are the cutest things EVER! I love how Paxton is cheesin' and Kellan is like "What?!"

Btw, I love this blog... they will grow up so fast! Before you know it they will say to you "Mom, just let me do my thing!" (at age 4 might I add!)

Love you!

Machelle said...

Seriously right! I just look at people with some things they say at times. OH TOO FUNNY! Did not mention this one...a lady was like (to my girls) oh one boy one girl. I have gotten tired of arguing with people and was in a rush and was just like mhmm and smiled (they were both in pink) THEN she asked, are they identical? I looked at her really confused and said...what? She is like are they identical? I looked at her, asked her, how on earth could a boy and girl be identical? She looked at me dumbfounded.