Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yes, a NEW Post!!

Okay, so I realize I havent posted in what seems like forever...at least in blog land anyway!! So, thanks for the patience. Since the last post the following has been filling up our days: enjoying the warm weather, walking with our new neighbor and friend Catherine and her sweet three month old Cain, shopping for baby clothes (since the boys are in 6-9 mths now), getting ready for a trip to FL, cleaning up lots of spitup, rocking Paxton in the middle of the night because his reflux is causing pain, hanging out at the grandparents house (enjoying the pool and Blue Moon:-)), and overall relishing life and each other. Here are some pics, I havent taken many...but this should hold the grandparents over for a while!!!!!


Scarlett said...

Court! What a sweet video of the boys sleeping! I really enjoyed yesterday! I can't wait to add my little man into mix!

Machelle said...

It is about time :) I have missed reading about your men! Too cute!! I do not know what you are doing about reflux, but what helped mine A LOT was sleeping propped up. I bought a wedge to go under their fitted sheet that just elevated them enough, OR you can put towels under there. As you know, I did car seats for awhile too but they are too big for that I am sure! I am glad you are getting out and about!! Gosh 6-9 months already!?

Tiffany said...

Yours boys are just the cutest thing.