Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tricks are for KIDS!

Don't you just love when your kiddos learn a new trick? A trick that disrupts schedules, naps, and attitudes when said trick is interrupted. Well, today when I went to check on the bugs taking a nap this is what I found. All smiles. So proud. What's a mom to do but smile back and grab a camera.

***Update***While working on this post, I went running when I heard a distraught Paxton over the monitor. I found him standing up in the corner, with one foot on the other side of the bumper. Needless to say we will be lowering this little man's mattress tonight.


Scarlett said...


Machelle said...

TOO CUTE! You are going to have some trouble on your hands here soon when they start to walk!! We lowered ours ALL the way down.

Cecilia said...

I totally know how you feel! It got so bad around here that my girls have to take their naps in their bouncy seats because they would NOT sleep in the cribs anymore. All they want to do is stand and play! Good luck!