Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Nash Times!

BREAKING NEWS: Mr. Kellen decided to crawl on October 24th, WHOOOHOOOO!!! Because of his Pyloric Stenosis and constant throwing up in the beginning not much time was spent on the tummy. So he was a bit behind in this department. But he is crawling and sitting himself up and couldnt be more pleased with himself. Say a prayer for me that P & K always decide to crawl in the same direction, after the same electrical cord, after the same dangerous object, at the same time. This way I will never have to chose who needs saving first!!! WHAT? Too much to ask for???!!!!! I dont have a pic yet of him crawling so I will just show you that sweet face one more time!

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: This past Friday I took my sister-in-law and one of her friends to see the comedian Heather McDonald from Chelsea Lately on the E! network. Aunt Shannon just celebrated her 24th birthday, and the tickets were Aaron and my gift for her bday. For those of you who do not watch the show, I highly recommend it. Chelsea Handler is hysterical and Heather McDonald was sooo funny, we laughed all night. Here we are with Heather, she was super friendly.

TWIN NEWS: My heart melted last week when we had a playdate with a set of girl twins named Marley and Addie. They are 11 days younger than the boys. Seriously, there was super cuteness going on in my living room floor. Paxton and Marley are now dating, Kellen and Addie are as well. I am so fortunate to know my daughter-in-laws at such a young age!!!!!

SPORTS NEWS: On Saturday we spent the day with family. I would introduce them as my crazy Uncle Larry and his very sane wife Judy. And I mean crazy in the most warm and loving way!!!!! To say they are ALABAMA fans is an understatement! We had so much fun watching the UT v Bama game with them. Especially since UT almost rolled their hide...errr, i mean tide!! We came so close. Here is my Uncle watching his dreams for a National Championship almost go up in flames as UT is about to kick a field goal to win!! It was blocked and the tide won, but we had a blast anyway.

MISC NEWS: Grammy, Grandaddy, and Aunt Shannon babysat while we watched the UT v Bama game. They had an exciting day away from mommy and daddy, and were in the best moods when we picked them up. The main event for the day was pumpkin carving with Grandaddy.

WEATHER: Rainy and cold, hope there is sunshine on your spot of the map. :-)

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Machelle said...

TOO CUTE! But hey, just wait till they are walking then you will have to run in 2 directions! I have seen the comedian on Chelsea Lately, I could never tell if I liked her or not but I am glad that I now have you to tell me that she is! :) You are just keeping busy!! But, the girls are jealous of the boys girlfriends...