Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Color Me Happy...

...Springtime has ARRIVED. We have been so busy. As I mentioned before we have been moving. We are finally in the new house, not settled but we are in. More on that later. I will be updating more frequently now too, I have been drowning in boxes. We have been enjoying the outdoors. Here are a few pics that include an afternoon spent eating whole strawberries...which caused an awful mess but was pure sweetness!!!
Playing with Laura's (neighbor) Golden Retriever

The boys held hands for 30 minutes on a trip to Alabama to see our cousins. So SWEET!
The best big cousin to the boys ever, Jo.
Ate our first popsicle! Grape for Kellen, Banana for Paxton.

And the boys fed ducks, with lots of help from Wendi and Jo, at Guntersville Lake
Strawberries for Dessert, Please!

CRIME: Enjoying a whole strawberry VERDICT:GUILTY!!!!!

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Machelle said...

LOL! SO CUTE! Seriously, Brooke will take one and Kenzie the other. Mhmm, arranged marriages are so in right?! LOL! We love strawberries around here too. I have missed your posts! The boys are getting HUGE! Where did you move to? (You can email me that though) Why the move?