Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Surviving the Cold

Well I am sure everyone is in agreement...winter needs to end. I am so OVER being cold, not even cold...FREEZING. We have been busy. We closed on a new house! We are very excited, but I am not looking forward to the move. Packing with toddlers is not going well! But we have the whole month of March to move, so I cant complain too much. I will post some pics of the new digs when it warms up and I can stand outside long enough to take a picture!!!!

We got a special treat a couple weeks ago when my best friend was in town from Boston on business. She got to hang out with the kiddos. She said she was exhausted just being with them for a hour!! I hear ya sista!!! The boys were in awe of Steph's blackberry, cell phone, and work papers...we couldnt get them to look up! Maybe next time!

I ventured with the kiddos to Atlanta last week to see my grandmother, aunt, cousin and her two kids. We had a blast. And Laura's kids are gorgeous. The newest addition to the family is 9 mth old Carrington...what a beauty!!
Paxton and his GrannySue

Miss Diva herself...Carrington!

Pax wanted that binky!

We had a rough night of sleep Friday and unfortunately Kel missed most of the festivities on Saturday.

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Shannon said...

Love these pics!! So cute!! :)