Tuesday, April 13, 2010

At Second Glance

The boys are becoming less fond of veggies, and that is putting it lightly! So you can imagine how pleased I was last night when at least one child finished his peas. Kellen left every single pea on his plate, but Paxton had only a few...and I declared that a victory!! Until I took him out for his bath and realized he was very neatly stacking the peas to his right. UGH!!! I give up, not really but you know what I mean!!! We have been trying very hard to stop food from being thrown off the trays, so how I could be mad at this sneaky (yet neat) trick my little trouble-maker toddler developed?? I didnt, I laughed so hard, took a picture, and left it for the morning to clean up!


Machelle said...

LOL! TOO FUNNY! Yeah, mine used to LOVE veggies and now, not so much. However, they still like peas. I love your high chair as well. Where did you get them? I hate the ones we have and I want to put them in a booster instead of a high chair.

Kelly said...

Hilarious!! Have you tried freeze dried veggies? Mine love the corn and peas from Whole Foods.

boy141 said...

lol. YEAH! I used to do that. At least you know he's right handed