Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Question for Twin Moms via IVF

Thanks for all the comments, I really appreciate all of the different viewpoints. We all know there is nothing about IVF and the outcome that is a sure thing, quite the opposite. During our IVF cycle I only had 5 eggs, 2 made it to transfer, and 2 became Paxton and Kellen. If I only had 2 embryos, I would probably transfer the 2. And I say "I" because the hubby may have a very different feeling on the subject!! However, I would need to take a big deep breath before that transfer!!! And if God thought we could handle twins again then we would get ready for the circus!!! My heart aches to try one more time, but I am not sure if IVF is in the cards. But I will keep you posted!!!!!


On Mother's Day we went to brunch at Bosco's and as we turning into the parking lot I saw this cute mom with one carseat on each side of her. I just had to talk to her! So as we were walking into Bosco's I went up to her and googled over her precious baby twin girls. The dad was standing beside me and said, "well, these twins are 8 months but those twins (pointing at two toddlers running in the grass) are 4.5 years old." I lost words, but uttered something like oh my gosh your hands are full. The mom said, "it's easier the second time." And the dad quickly followed with, "no it's not!"

So this brings me to my question. Moms with twins conceived through IVF, are you gonna try again? And would you still transfer two embryos? Do you want another set of twins, maybe triplets? Or are you going to wait on a miracle and be done with fertility treatments? Okay, so that was way more than one question but feel free to answer any or none!

I think having the diagnosis of diminshed ovarian reserve coupled with turning 31 yesterday has led me to writing this post. These questions are discussed every so often in our home, how about yours??


CJ said...

I don't want another set of twins. I would only transfer one embroyo this time. 2 was crazy! what was I htinking? Well, I know. I thought if one didn't take the other will and up my chances then spending more more again on a FET. Anyways, don't want twins again unless i can have a live in nanny for the first 1.5 and then a full time nanny to stay home with them while i at work instead of daycare.

I want to have a miracle baby and not do FT anymore, but we'll see.
Great ?!

Mary Kate said...

I have been asking myself this question alot lately. I definately want more children, but not sure what we will end up doing (1 vs. 2 embryos) I took Cooper on some errands the other day, and thought to myself how easy 1 baby would be...it would be really nice, but two would be fine also! if we did it once, we can do it again!!! ;) What would you do??

Machelle said...

We have 2 frozen embryos left and we will thaw them both out and if (hopefully) they both make it we will transfer both. I do not want twins again but if that is what the Lord gives me then bring it on. It helps knowing that after 18 months it gets way easier.

So I will take more children if the 2 work out. If those 2 do not make it through the process, then miracle baby. No more IVF for me. Too expensive and too emotional. I think it would be easier the second time around but harder at the same time since you have 2 older kids.

OK Now, what skin care regiment do you use? I mean I already need Botox around my eyes I have so many wrinkles.

Holtan-Bates family said...

I know people hate me when I say this BUT. . . for us twins was WAY easier! My singleton is a lot more work when mixed with the twins. They play well together but the baby is often alone. I would have almost rather had twins again. Obvioulsy more work but what fun!!!! I am crazy though! :)

Jamie said...

I have a friend with 2 sets of twins ages 5 and 4!!! And she is preggo again. AND she is 44 years old! Go for the gold honey! Nothing better than a big family :)