Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dear Paxton and Kellen,

Well, my loves, tomorrow we hit another milestone, 18 months. This is my message to you on this milestone...I will always provide a safe place for you to fall, a laugh at your joke, a shoulder when your heart breaks, a vision for all that your future can be, a loving relationship with your father, discipline when you falter, and most importantly when you walk into a room my eyes will always light up. For you, my angels, are wanted, valued, treasured and never to be taken for granted.

Kellen: You are loving, sweet, and sensitive beyond measure. When you are happy you laugh so hard you shake, when you are mad you scream so loud you shake. And everything in the middle is pure joy. You love your brother, hugging and patting him, but you will take anything in his hands! You have the cutest run I have ever seen, will run 100mph when you see a binky, and love nothing more than to be in water. You are so smart, you imitate everything mommy and daddy do...especially your daddy's dancing! Kel-bug, getting to know you over the last 18 months has been nothing but divinity. Your smile, your eyes, and sweet cheeks make my heart swell with love.

Paxton: My sweet, sweet Paxton...you are a riot. Mommy and daddy call you a cool cucumber, nothing really seems to bother you. You are so laid back, you just roll with the punches. You almost never cry unless you are exhausted or bump your head too hard. Your smile is contagious, and you have never met a stranger. While you are laid back, you are totally full of spunk and personality. But not enough spunk that you wont still cuddle. You will climb into my lap, lay on your stomach while resting your head on my chest. These moments mean the world to me. Pac-man, learning who you are over the last 18 months has been nothing but heaven. Your smile, your eyes, and fat cheeks make my heart swell with love.

We love you so much! Happy 18 month birthday!!!


Machelle said...

Before you know it they will be turning 2 like mine are. Where does the time go? Please make it slow down a little!

Shannon said...

They are growing up so fast!!! Words cannot express how much I love these little guys!! I'm such a proud aunt!!! I have the best nephews in the world!!! :)