Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Update on Pax

Thanks everyone for the comments and emails, I really do appreciate any suggestions or advice. Pax is doing much better today. The swelling as of this morning has completely gone down. The redness, which looked like Tabasco had been poured all over his body, is gone. We are now left with a nasty rash, head to toe, but we have seen this rash once before with a prescription he was given for eczema. So we know this rash will probably take a few weeks to heal, but at least he is back to himself. Now on with the long, arduous task of keeping anything peanut related away from a toddler.

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The Campbells said...

Good luck, Courtney! Sean's allergic to wheat and milk protein and he is now on a special diet. I don't have to be careful as you, but it is still cumbersome... I am sure you will figure out a good system that works. You can do it!!