Monday, August 9, 2010

My Grandmother's 80th Birthday

This weekend we went to Atlanta to celebrate my GrannySue's 80th Birthday. We had so much fun, the whole family was there. I am just over the moon that the boys are getting to know their GrannySue, she is so healthy and we look forward to celebrating 90 and 100!!!!

Papaw and Paxton playing dress-up with the hats my Aunt Cissie put out for the kids. Pax fell in love with the hats and wore them ALL weekend!

Kellen getting his first bite of vanilla ice cream from his great-grandmother!

All the kids played so well together. Walker was definitely the ring leader!

Miss Carrington in her dress-up hat!

Walker coming though the tunnell!!

Such a fun weekend, we look forward to seeing everyone again Thanksgiving! Happy Birthday GrannySue, we love you!!

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