Monday, January 3, 2011

Dear Paxton and Kellen,

On the 30th, last Thursday, you both turned 2.  It seems like yesterday that mommy's doctor said, "You want to have two babies today?" When she left the room mommy and daddy nervously bursted with excitement.  We knew the moment you entered the world life would forever change, we didnt realize how sweet life would become.  The laughter and love you both provide makes life richer, just more of the good stuff!

Paxton: You came into this world at 5:57pm, and you came with a soft a cry.  You have never met a stranger (which is a little scary:-)), warming to almost anyone instantly.  You communicate with your eyes, one bat of those eyelashes and everyone jumps to your wishes.  You are a cuddlebug, but rarely give kisses.  You are completely obsessed with trains, your brother can take any toy from you unless its a train.  You can be wildly independent but still need one-on-one time with just mommy.  The moms of the little girls in your MDO class tell me their daughters come home every day talking about "Pacton", which is not surprising one bit...and I forsee the beginning of a trend! I love you beyond measure.

 Kellen: You came into this world at 5:58pm, and you came with a loud cry.  You are a tad shy, but seem to be growing out of your shyness.  When you speak my heart melts.  When you say "tank you" or "plzzz" or "mommy" I could almost cry.  You love to learn and your vocabulary is really taking off.  You love to give kisses, which I have to say are my favorite.  You want to play with any toy your brother has, but love anything with wheels and your horsey at grammy and grandaddy's.  You laugh so hard it's contagious, you laugh the hardest at your brother.  The bond between the two of you is obvious.  Your sweet-hearted nature just rolls off your face, I could squeeze you for days.  I love you beyond measure.  
 You two have the best daddy in the whole wild world.
 And a mommy that worships the little toes you run around on.
         Happy Birthday my sweet babies, and many, many more.

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