Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

What a fun-filled Christmas this year. Not only did we have a great Christmas, but we had a white Chrismas. It snowed all day and I loved every second of it! We began the morning at our house opening gifts, driving new cars into walls, and playing with Nana and then headed over to Aaron's parents for more fun. Here is our day in pictures!
Paxton just waking up from a long winter's nap!
Kellen waking up from sugarplum's dancing in his head!
Cars and Tricycles for everyone!

Thanks Nana for the cool cars!

Aaron's grandmother, Mamaw, gave the boys the most adorable 1938 car replica.  It is so cute, and has little pedals on the inside to make it go!!  Now we are home with the car one of the boys is always sitting it!
Aunt Shannon (Aaron's sister), Me, Aunt Jenny (A's aunt), Mamaw (A's GM), Lynn (A's Mom), and little Pac man in the bottom right!
Building wickless candle towers at Grammy's!

Say Ahhhhh...
Paging Dr. Paxton Nash...

And we ended the day with some snow fun, a new Shrek movie, and a delicious whole prime rib made by Grandaddy!! 


Cecilia said...

Your boys are so freaking cute! I want to pinch their cheeks so bad! Happy New Year~

CJ said...

They are getting so big girl! I plan to start back up blogging, so feel free to check me out again! :)