Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kiss Da Boo-Boo

Paxton checking for boo-boos
"Uh-oh boo boo" Paxton finds a small eczema spot
"Mama, boo-boo" Yes baby, it is a boo-boo, kiss your boo-boo.
"K. Kizz boo-boo"  Good job baby, mommy will kiss it too and it will be all better.
Kellen wanting in the action..."Mommy, boo-boo" Are you sure Kel, I dont see one. "Ohhh, no boo-boo"

"Mommy, no boo-boo"  No baby, but you can check to see if your feet stink!

"YUCK Mommy" And cue mommy laughing very hard. 

Gosh, I love these little guys!!

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