Thursday, March 31, 2011


Well, this has been a fun week! Boys started on Sunday with just a runny nose, totally clear.  By Monday, Paxton had a slight cough.  Tuesday I took Paxton to his peditrician because he sounded like a seal.  He had double ear infections in both ears so we left with an antibiotic.  Came home, boys took a nap.  When he got up around 3:30 his breathing didnt sound right to me.  By 4:30 I was calling the nurse because it was getting worse.  We went back to the doctor at 5, his oxygen levels were low, he got a breathing treatment and a steroid.  Tuesday night was a VERY long night.  He slept with me and I felt like I was laboring to breathe with him.  Back to doctor on Wednesday, oxygen levels back up but it was apparent he had croup at this point.  Croup is NOT FUN! But warning moms, there is a virus going around that is a cross between RSV and croup...his ped on Tuesday wasnt sure if he had this virus or just plain old croup.  On Wednesday he could tell it was just croup.  Kellen still has the viral infection but it didnt progress any further, thank God!! So that was our week, looking forward to the weekend.  I will be back with pictures next week. 

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