Thursday, December 29, 2011

Where I explain what has been going on...

Many of you noticed that I removed the post about my pregnancy.  I appreciate the calls and emails, who knew so many of my IRL peeps read my ole blog!! First, I am still pregnant and everything seems to be moving right along.  I am almost 14 weeks and have still been sick as a dog.  Second, the reason I removed the post...I have wanted to go back to work for quite some time and had not found the right fit.  I wanted to be close to my house, for the right money, and have a flexible schedule.  And all of those things came to fruition with a large company based in Franklin.  I didnt want them to locate my blog and find out that I was pregnant, so I removed the post.  I had my final interview, two hours long, when I was 11 weeks pregnant.  I debated whether not to tell them, but finally decided to tell their HR recruiter the day of my final interview.  I was told I could an offer as early as the Friday after my interview, which was on Wednesday.  On Monday I was notified that the offer had been given to someone else.  Without going into all of the details, and after long discussions with my closest friends, everyone agreed it was due to my pregnancy.  So, many tears were shed...and I mean many tears, and now I am in a good place.  I trust that there is another plan for our family and I am meant to be home with my boys and this new little life.  Everything happens for a reason, even when the reason sucks. 

So thank you for the concern and calls, didnt mean to scare anyone.  I will begin to post more about the baby soon.  I have been so wrapped up in all of this drama and taking care of my boys that the fact I am pregnant has not really even sunk in.  But I have 26 weeks for that to happen!! And this baby, well this miracle is due on my husband's cant tell me everything doesnt happen for a reason. 


CJ said...

omg!! Courtney!! That is crazy! Very Honest of you to tell them. I don't think I could. Well now you know that company's TRUE colors! You didn't want to work for them anyway who didn't have a strong family/work life balance anyway right? That is sooo discrimenitory and un fair!
Congrats again! Everything DOES happen for a reason and I believe in that. :)

Laura Brown said...

Love you! Stay strong lady! Sorry I missed your text but let's try to get together next week!