Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our Florida Vacay

The four of us and Aaron's parents and sister headed to Rosemary Beach, FL this week.  We had a blast, I dont think there is anything cuter than watching two three year olds play in surf and sand!!  The time flew by and we are ready to go back!!  Not sure when that will be with baby girl on the way, in 12 weeks...can you believe it is only 12 weeks away?! I feel like we just found out!! Everyone says your second pregnancy flies by when you already have kids, no truer statement has ever been uttered!!!

The kids loved playing on the beach, making sand castles and being chased by waves.  The weather was perfect, we ate yummy food, browsed local shops, went to a concert where P&K showed off the break dancing abilities, and just relaxed poolside.  Im craving the sound of waves in the morning and my sinuses are missing the salt air!!!  Here are some pics!


Mommy and Kellen....mommy trying to pretend she didnt shed tears when she put this bathing suit on!!!

My digger, this kid could move sand for days!
Daddy and Kellen,  braving the cool water temp!
Kellen being cool kid with daddy's sunglasses!
Paxton imitating his daddy after a long day on the beach with two toddlers!!! 
Kids loved playing sand soccer!
Ummmm, yes, Ill have one of him for lunch!! Gosh, he is just delicious!!
Mommy and Pax, even with a grumpy face...Ill take it!
The BEST donuts ever from this donut truck in Alys Beach!
I love this blue-eyed babe!
And my brown-eyed one too!
Serious break dancing!! Aaron and I looked at each other and said, we shouldnt have let them watch that episode of So You Think You Can Dance!!!
Breaker #2! There were kids literally standing around watching them, hysterical!
My Kel-Bug!
Great sunsets, we were right on the beach...thanks to Grandaddy.
A rare occurrence, but my two loves both smiling and looking into the camera!
The boys had a snow cone, which sent this Type A mommy into a frenzy!!
Our little family!!  I love my three boys...and my baby girl!

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Yay for your blog posts! You are freaking adorable in your suit, no tears needed! I am so glad y'all had a fun time! xoxo