Monday, April 23, 2012


Lord HELP me, baby girl is arriving 9 weeks from today!!  This has felt like the fastest pregnancy in history.  I am so nervous about life with 3 kids and the juggling act required.  But I am now ready to get the show on the road and learn our new normal.

The boys, especially Kellen, seem to be very excited to meet her.  Kellen felt her kick last Friday and thought it was hysterical.  Paxton is not that interested, but I am sure he will come around.  But we will see soon enough!!

I have started making plans, mostly in mind, for the boys when I am in the hospital.  Thinking about being away from them immediately makes me tear up.  But daddy and Nana will be with them and hopefully I can have lots of visits.  I told Aaron tonight I think I want him to come home and spend the night with the boys while I am in the hospital.  I think it will be good for the P&K and he will get to sleep.  But I might change my mind in the fog of pain medication and want my hubs.

I am in full nesting mode.  I want everything cleaned out, sent to goodwill or the dump...and the sooner the better!!  We almost have her nursery complete, I will share pictures when we are done.  Her bedding is on back order until June 6th, so it will be a while.  Aaron and I got crafty and have installed wainscoting in her room.  It is seriously adorable, her colors are purple and gray.

I feel super relaxed this go around.  Shouldnt I??  One newborn has to be easier than two!!  I am looking forward to only picking one baby up, rocking one, singing to one, and just learning about being a mommy to a little girl.  Can anyone come teach me how to tie a hair bow??!!! Im not kidding!!! :-)

My best friend came in town last weekend with her husband.  I thought they were coming for a last hurrah before the baby.  I was TOTALLY shocked to realize her and my friend Stacey planned a special surprise for me!! I thought Steph and I were meeting Stace...but I walked into a room with my favorite gals.  Cupcakes for miles, desserts galore, brunch and tea.  It was so special and still cant believe they pulled it off.  Anyone who knows me well, knows I can sniff a lie a mile away.  Well I was on the receiving end of lies for a month and didnt suspect a thing!!!  Aaron was in on it too!! So a big thank you to everyone for loving on me and this little girl.  It was fun to spend a couple of hours really honoring her, and laughing with some of the funniest gals I know!!

The boys and I are heading out on Thursday, and Aaron following after work on Friday, to a lake house my mom has rented for the weekend.  The boys are so excited to be on a boat and keep telling me they are going to drive it.  Aaron has said yes, so this will be interesting!!  This should be our last venture from Nashville before the big arrival.  She is still set to arrive on her daddy's birthday!

Oh, and we thought we had a name.  We even told everyone.  Well, we are now wavering.  Who knows what the final verdict will be...but we have 9 weeks and counting to figure it out!!!


CJ said...

great for your Courtney!!! :) I'm jealous! I want a girl!!! :)


Yippee!!! I am so excited for her arrival too I can't stand it! And I think you are crazy and you should go ahead and pack A's hospital bag too! The boys will be fine! xoxo