Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

We got several inches of snow yesterday and the boys LOVE it! We went out and played twice yesterday, and once today. And I am sure as soon as naptime is over we are headed back out! They have mastered the art of throwing a snowball and making tracks in the snow. I am usually ready to come back in after 15 minutes, but I get a very loud NO, and heads shaking when I try to bring us inside. I am starting to look forward to ski trips!

I took the first video yesterday, the snow was still coming down, but we had a blast outside. My hubby was doing everything he could for a laugh and the boy's were dying out laughing!! Silly daddy!!! The second video I took today of the boys perfecting their snowball, seriously so cute. I call them my little "Ralphies" (The Christmas Story) when they are all bundled up, with pink cheeks and nose...I could just eat them up!!!

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Jenn Jenn said...

I am from California and never grew up with snow, but wow what memories. Your family is blessed.