Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our First Xmas Program

Aaron and I attended P&K's first Christmas Program this morning.  It was adorable and HYSTERICAL!! The toddler class marched in at the beginning of the program with jingle bells and attempted to sing Jingle Bells.  SO CUTE!  Below is the video, all minute and half of it!!  That's right, after their parade in they squirmed in our laps while the big kids took over.  So Paxton is in green and Kellen in red, Paxton danced ALL the way down the aisle and on stage while Kellen just stared at everyone.  Luckily, neither of them saw us while coming down the aisle...most kids saw their parents and refused to go any further!  Aaron and I are still laughing just thinking about Paxton shaking his moneymaker down the aisle of a sanctuary!!!  Warning: not the best video, I was having to dodge 30 parents to see the boys!!!


Jenn Jenn said...

Cute!!!! What a great idea!!!!

Mary Kate said...

so STINKIN' cute!

The Clinkscales Family said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! I just got caught up on your blog and now I miss P & K SO BAD!!! I love this video. Paxton was cracking me up yet it didn't surprise me at all that he was a dancing fool! too cute!