Friday, April 22, 2011

Bye, Bye Binky

Well, we finally did it...we took away the boys most prized possession, their binky.  Taking away binky had been weighing heavy on me, I planned to do it at 2 but I always had a "good" reason not to.  Yesterday I forgot to put the binkys in their diaper bag for mothers day out.  When I went to their Easter party Miss Martha told me the boys did wonderful without them and went right to sleep at naptime.  So I thought, okay, now or never.  Paxton didnt even cry last night, Kellen screamed for 43 minutes! Naptime today, Paxton didnt cry, Kellen has cried for 40 minutes and counting :-(.  We will see how tonight goes but there is no turning back.  They are growing up, and as much I love to see their sweet smiles when they got in their cribs and saw binky, I know this is the right thing to do.  But gee, I think I could cry far more than 43 minutes just having to admit that my babies arent exactly babies anymore.


CJ said...

LOL!! My boys were 2 years and like 2 months before we got rid of them. One of my boys cried more than the other and ended up staying up half the night the first night. By the 5th day, they didn't need them or ask for them and its so awesome! I am so over making sure we have the paci when we got out places and them dropping it and trying to find some water to wash it off etc.... They had already not used them for naptime at daycare so why not at home? Anyways, congrats! yes, they are big boys and no need for that BINKY!! :) Hope all is well!

Holtan-Bates family said...

My baby was 21 months when it went to the garbage and Brayton is 22 months and about to be cut off!!! We are all living in fear but maybe I will bite the bullet knowing we are all on the same boat!!! Good luck! They are just too stinking cute for words!!!