Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Day

After church we headed over to Grammy and Grandaddy's house for the day.  The boys were immediately surprised with what the Easter bunny had left at their house, their very own set of golf clubs!  These kiddos are players in the making!!
And the boys goofed around in Grandaddy's chair!!

Then we had an Easter egg hunt!

G&G heated the pool up and we cooled off in the water after the hunt! The boys did so good in the water their first time in of the year, we cant wait to start ISR swim training next Monday!

After swimming, we were all exhausted beyond exhausted! I think the only thing we didnt do that the boys wanted to do was blow bubbles!!!  Oh and I finally found a picture of the cute shirt I was describing was the third outfit of the day and the last shot of the day!

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Tired Parents said...

Cute pictures! Is it very warm over there? I wish our weather was like yours! Our Easter was rainy and cold...