Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recipes Day 1

This week I am trying out some new recipes and thought I would put them on the ole blog!  Every mom at one time or another has said, "gosh, I cook the same thing over and over."  But easy, healthy, yummy recipes are hard to find.  I am trying 4 new recipes this week, hope you can find something that looks good!!

Artichoke Heart and Orzo Salad w) Shrimp
2.5 qt water
1/3 cup lemon juice
14-16 baby artichokes
1/2lb orzo
2T olive oil
1/4cup roaster, peeled, diced red pepper
2T Dijon mustard
2T white wine vinegar
1/2t dried tarragon

Ok, so the roasting and peeling of the red peppers and cutting up baby artichokes could get difficult and time consuming.  SO, I bought artichoke hearts already cut and marinated...comes in a glass jar.  And I cut the red pepper in several sections (didnt peel) and threw in the oven at 400 for 5-8 min, and then diced. 

Drain artichokes and combined with 15-20 shrimp and set aside. 
Cook orzo.
Drain orzo.  Put olive oil in orzo and toss. Then add artichokes and shrimp.
Combine diced red pepper, mustard, vinegar, and tarragon in a small bowl. 
Add this mixture to orzo and toss. 
And because I love tomatos I added one at the end. 
Eat hot or cold.

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Michelle Corley said...

yum! why weren't we invited? :) I am going to try!