Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend at the Lake

My mom rented a lake house this weekend on Lake Guntersville and invited the whole family.  My aunts and uncles, cousins and their children were all there.  We played t-ball and soccer in the backyard, fished off the boat dock, ate until we couldnt move, made homemade ice cream, and just relaxed.  We had a blast, cant wait to do it again next year!!
My sweetness on the dock!
Kellen, sittin on the dock! 
Hanging with daddy on the boat!
Paxton super concentrated on holding his fishing  pole.
My cousin Wendi's daughter, Jordan.  The kids love her, they call her JoJo.  And  my cousin Wes'  little cutie pie, Ila. 

So after a long day at the lake I look over to see Kellen completely passed out on the boat sitting up!! So funny!! 
And five minutes later I look over at Pax...totally passed out too.  I said  this had to be Weekend at Bernie's  The Toddler Version!!!!

I took my opportunity to get some sweet cuddle time with my exhausted toddlers!!

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Cecilia said...

Aww you look precious pregnant with your little girl! Looks like fun on the boat! Not sure if you knew but Susan Jones just had twin boys this week at 27 weeks. They are obviously in the NICU but doing well. Lennox and Paxton (!) are their names I believe. I hope you are feeling well!