Monday, May 7, 2012

Bug Bites and Train Storytellin' and History Festival

On Thursday something tried to eat my sweet Paxton up!! The bites were down his arm and behind, but the ones on his hand were the worst. I initially thought it wasnt too big a deal, every kid gets bug bites. But by the end of the day Thursday his little hand was swollen and the redness was getting a lot worse, one was even starting to puss. So I spoke with the nurse on call and she said we should go to a Vanderbilt walk-in clinic. When Aaron came home from work, Pax and I headed that way. Poor little guy was running a fever and had to get a steroid...but I think the arm will survive! Doctor said the bug bites (especially spider and tick bites) have been awful this season because of such a mild winter. So check your kiddos for ticks this summer!!  YUCK!

Aaron always comes up with the funnest things to do on the weekends.  Poor guy hasnt played golf in a year, but his boys love spending time with him!! We headed out to Columbia, TN on Saturday to a train festival.  The boys were beside themselves.  There were the cutest little trains that went around a long, winding track, the rides were 15 minutes long.  They went through miniature tunnels and over bridges.  So cool.  We had to promise Pax we would come back very soon, and then realized the trains dont run again until September!! Whoops!!!  Only bummer was that I couldnt ride because I am more than six months pregnant, their insurance wouldnt allow it.  So the pictures are just at the beginning and end of the ride.
The train station.  I was sitting on a wood ledge here and the train conductor came over and told me two copperheads were seen on the ledge the day before.  You have never seen a pregnant lady jump up so fast!!!!
The wait was an hour to ride, surprisingly, the boys did great in line.  We were getting close and Paxton was SOOO excited!!

All the trains were different, I think we got the best one.  The boys each  got their  own compartment.  
Kellen was ready to GO!!!
My boys pulling back into the station!

About 15 minutes after lunch!!  

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