Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

We had absolutely beautiful weather today in Nashville, 73 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. We decided to take the kiddos to Cheekwood. I had never been, 55,000 acres of beauty. I cant wait to go back in the Spring. No tears from the peanut section so I think P & K enjoyed it too! At a botanical gardens you would think there would be amazing places to take pics of the kids. Well, there were...BUT not one picture was taken with two smiling babies. And trust me I tried. So here is my amateur attempt at photography and at least one smiling baby in each shot!!!!


Machelle said...

AH look at those chunkers! They are just too cute! I have a hard time getting mine to smile at the same time too, something I suppose we will have to get used to! It looks pretty there as well!

Scarlett said...

We must get together soon! The boys have both grown soooo much hair since I've seen them last! I loved the pictures! 2 little cuties!