Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dear Paxton and Kellen,

Happy 1-Year Birthday my angels! I cannot believe this day has come, you two are 1 year old today. Gosh, my eyes are already welling up with bitter-sweet tears. The four of us have come so far. We have nurtured you from newborns to healthy happy 1 year olds. That one sentence entails so much...many sleepless nights, questions about being good parents, trips to the pediatrician, prayers, 5 different bottle types, even more sippy cups, books read aloud, rattles shook, wiping noses and tushes, eating solids, saying no-no, singing songs, hugs and kisses and lots and lots of laughs. The pair of you are simply 'what life is all about' and mommy and daddy just cannot believe you belong to us.

My wish for you two in the coming year is to learn more about yourselves, the world, and each other. While having a twin must be tremendous, you must learn to be individuals. Each of you are incredibly unique from the other, I love you both equally, loving each and every part of your whole.

Paxton: When mommy was in recovery from delivering the two of you, you were handed to me first. You stole my heart. You were perfect, you are perfect. Your personality is large, and you have never met a stranger. You pose for the camera, with a smile as big as the moon. You are a charmer, flashing those big blue eyes with the longest eyelashes. Your laugh is a grunt, you can be sneaky, and love to play with anything that looks like a hammer.

Kellen: The first time I held you I am quite sure I could see a halo around your head. You melted my heart. You were perfect, you are perfect. Without question, you have the sweetest nature of anyone. That doesnt mean you dont have fight, you like to steal your brother's binky! You can be shy, but once you warm up your laughter will make a room stop. You would eat an entire dump truck of food if we would let you. You are extra ticklish, brilliant, and love to throw a ball.

Fellas, there are not proper words to describe the connection between a mommy and her babies. I could literally squeeze you so tight I could take your breath, but I quickly remember you are not a stuffed animal!! Happiness X Infinity = the year I have just experienced as a mommy. I love you so so much. Happy Birthday my loves and many, many more.


Shannon said...

Happy Birthday my loves!! This has been the best year of my life!! :)

Machelle said...

They are not one are they?!?! HOLY COW where did the time go? I remember us being pregnant together and now we both have one year olds!! This was a sweet little letter. Here is to making it through the first year!

Machelle said...

Hey! Happy Birthday to them!! And yes, I went cold turkey at one. I was so tired of bottles. They could not do the hard nipple ones at first so if that is the case with you try Dr. Browns Sippy Cups (I do not like these any more as they leak but they were great to start with) or Advent has really soft nipples. Nubby has really soft nipples as well BUT they tear really fast if they have teeth. Once they got used to that I went to hard nipple and they had not looked back. But you know me, I am a cold turkey lady! Good luck!!

Scarlett said...

happy tears

Coming Soon said...
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