Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Twin-Mas!

Well, its official...I have a Christmas hangover. And no, it is not from the many glasses of fabulous red wine I drank over the holiday! I love all that entails Christmas, the shopping, seeing family, traveling, laughes, the MUSIC, and having the hubby off work for a few days, just to name a few. When it is over, I am left with my Christmas hangover...back to work as usual with a 365 day wait until next Christmas!!

This Christmas, with the boys, was just plain delightful. Aaron and I cannot wait for next year. The boys have a bit of hangover themselves, a nasty cold. Between the Christmas Eve service at church, traveling to see great-grandparents, going to a friend's Christmas day party, and back to grandparents that night, they are exhausted and sick. Ugh.

As I mentioned we had a busy Christmas day. Which started with opening gifts at our house (just the four of us).

My first pic of the day!

Whohoooo, its Christmas!

Opening gifts from Papaw and Gisha!

Thanks P&G!

Then the boys opened Nana's presents. Thanks Nana!

Then we were off to Granddaddy and Grammy's house to open presents!

A one hour car trip and a short nap away we were at the boys great grandparents house!

A one hour car trip back to Nashville, a short nap, and a wardrobe change, we were at the Ochab house! We love our friends!!

Mr. Ochab has a train set from when he was a little boy, Mrs. Ochab sets it up every Christmas. The boys were fascinated!

Our Christmas Day ended back at Grandaddy and Grammy's house to watch the Titans lose to San Diego and eat some yummy lobster. I took over 300 photos on Xmas day, thanks to my new Nikon camera the hubby gave me:-), but of all 300 this one is my favorite.

Can you see those dark circles under my eyes??!! Aaron and I were worn out. But every second was worth it. Now, I am going to attend to this hangover, gotta rest up for New Year's Eve!!!


Mesophelioma said...
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Scarlett said...

That picture of you and the boys is one of my favorite pictures!!!! Adorable!

Tiffany said...

I love that picture of you and the boys! I love all your pictures, it looks like you had a delightful Christmas. They are so stinkin' cute!