Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Steps & Pull-Ups

Kellen is now pulling up on everything. He could get to his knees for the longest time, but is now strong enough to pull himself to his feet. What a cutie pie! And Paxton, he took his first steps this weekend. He cannot go far, but we can hold our hands out to him and he will walk two or three steps. Yesterday, he started standing without having to hold onto anything. He would just stand frozen, the look on his face was mix between 'oh no' and 'what now, mom'!!!!

Having twins, I could not be more ready for one of them to walk. However, that little Kel bug...I hope he stays a baby forever.


Machelle said...

Count down begins! Get ready!! Honestly, the walking is not THAT bad unless you try to do an outing on your own (I do not recommend this). Now the running away from you...that is another story! We wish they could stay babies forever!

CJ said...

Hey! Nice photo!! I sent you an email. check it out!