Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tampa Trip Day 1&2

The first day in Tampa we rested in the morning and then drove to the BEST outlet mall I have ever experienced in Ellington. Needless to say, the boys have a headstart on their fall wardrobe. And so does mommy and daddy!! The second day we went to the beach in Clearwater. The boys loved the sand! I was so thankful, I have really heard some horror stories about kiddos and sand. They were so serious about digging in the sand and filling their buckets...all business in building a sand empire!!

Kel was fascintated with the seagulls. He chased them for an hour screaming doggie. There were two girls beside us that fell in love with P&K so they started feeding the birds so they would come close. The boys were happy, those around us...not so much!
After our time at the beach we headed over to Crabby Bills for lunch. While P-man was wide awake...
Kellen was down for the count! He was so cozy in the BOB.
But he woke just in time for his first Oreo, which was a total hit!!
Long live the OREO!!
After lunch we walked over to Pier 60 where they have the greatest playground, all in the shade and sand at our feet.
Here I come!!
After playing we headed back to Tampa, the boys were asleep before we were out of the parking spot. Such a fun day. Tuesday, day 3 of our trip, we headed to the Tampa zoo...more on that tomorrow.


Jenn Jenn said...

I love the pics, it shows how much the boys are expierancing at a young age. Never stop taking on outings, being the eldest of four these outings were few and I wish they would have been more.

The Campbells said...

Your boys are so cute! They are getting so big and more boy-like than baby. Woohoo on new clothes! I love outlet malls (maybe too much).

Machelle said...

You know, if you would have told me you would be down there I would have met up with you! (The hubbys mom lives in St. Pete). ALSO that was their first oreo!?!? Mine have had like 3 I think?? (And tons of chocolate chip cookies from Publix lol). Kenzie chased the gulls as well! They were all business in the sand as well. PLEASE next time you head our way let me know!