Sunday, July 11, 2010

Peek A Boo Playtown & Balloons

A new playtown for toddlers had a grand opening on Saturday, the cherry on top is Peek A Boo Playtown is minutes from our house! After the boys' first meeting with Aaron's Aunt Karen and playing with some new toys (thank you very much Aunt Karen :-) ) we headed over to Peek A Boo. The boys had a blast, we will definitely be going back soon! They each received a balloon on the way out, which quickly became a prize possession!

Thank you for the lawn mowers, Aunt Karen! And she even bought two of each toy she gave the boys...which I think is a twin's dream come true...NO SHARING!!! Paxton quickly began mowing the entry way rug!!

Kellen wants to be a fireman when he grows up!

Climbing in the 'toddler only area' of Peek A Boo
Boys loved the trains. Aaron said one of these are in our future!
Grocery shopping just like mommy!
Kellen's favorite past time...EATING...even if the veggies are plastic!
I have taught him so well, such a proud mommy! ;-)
I love you, doggie.
Look mom, I have both balloons!
Silly baby!

Such a great weekend! We head out for our vacation to Tampa on Saturday, many more adventures to come!!

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Holtan-Bates family said...

Ok, Aunt Karen is a gem for getting you the LOUDEST toy on earth! That mower is insane and we love ours. Visitors hate it but we love it! Also, have fun in Tampa, my previous home of 6+ years!