Thursday, July 8, 2010

18 Month Well Baby Checkup

I just love well baby checkups!! So much more pleasent to see Dr. Collins when we are well and happy versus an allergic reaction to peanut butter! Fellas looked great, and grew A LOT over the last 3 months. We talked alot about discipline so we have some new techniques to try in the Nash house!!! Here are our current stats:

Kellen: Weight 26.2 (54.29)
Height 33.5 (83.23)
Head Cir: 18.74 (45.01)

Paxton: Weight 25.5 (42.7%)
Height 33 (71.93)
Head Cir: 18.62 (35.98)

So I guess the only big news of the day is Kellen is bigger than Paxton! This was the first time!

1 comment:

Machelle said...

Ummm, your kids are HUGE! They are a lb bigger than my almost 2 year olds! What are you feeding those kids? LOL!