Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Look Back

At the end of August 2010 I sent these two little guys to their first day of Mother's Day Out. 

 And in the middle of May 2011 these are the fellas I picked up.

 This was Pax yesterday when I told him this was his last day with Miss Martha.  The kid cried the rest of the day, until we got to swim :-)
 Kellen and Miss Martha
 An upset Pax and me
 The four of us, I am so sad we will not have Miss Martha every year!
 Miss Martha's first love is being a MDO teacher, but she also works with children with developmental delays (which we didnt know when we registered.)  She helped us so much with Paxton, when he started MDO I hadnt heard ma-ma more than a few times and there were no others words.  Aaron and I said many prayers that he was okay and would catch up soon.  God led us to Miss Martha, she worked with Paxton and was so reassuring to Aaron and I that everything would be okay.  He has completely caught up, full of  'tank-u and plezzz and luv ewww'.   This mom couldnt ask for anything more, we luv eww Miss Martha!  

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Scarlett said...

Look how much they have grown! Bittersweet...