Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yesterday...and this kid

Paxton looks so sweet and cute, he totally thinks he is a supermodel.  As my MIL says, "I can just see the halo around his head"!  And for much of the time I see his halo as well. 
BUT yesterday was a different story!! From the time he woke up he was a pistol. Screaming, crying about anything, and being overly aggressive with his brother...hitting, punching, and pulling hair. Twin moms, do you see this behavior between your twins? They are fighting over everything, doesnt matter whether it is a toy, my lap, a particular cup, name it. It is truly exhausting to break up these fights everyday, almost all day. Please tell me someone else is in my boat! And what do you do?  Today has been much better but there definitely was a tear or two shed at our playground yesterday...and they were mine ;-)

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Machelle said...

Ummmm, you are just getting in this boat?!?! I have been there for awhile now!!! Kenzie just tries to rule the roost and sit in my lap and want me me me and not share. Then the toys...*sigh* Yes, we have been dealing with this for a looooong time. I just remind them that they have to be share, they have to be soft with each other, we do not hit/push/bite/etc (they go to time out for that!)....